Sunday, February 27, 2005

Riopelle In New York

Riopelle will have a show in New York at
Robert Miller Gallery,
from March 31 to April 30 2005.

Isn't that fantastic?

Problem is that all his best paintings I'm sure are already sold
since a while, so if the americans wish to see one of the best early
abstract expressionists ever, they're gonna have to wait that a museum
"indulge" into setting up some kind of event, at least a group show
about the Automatists.

Speaking of Robert Miller, there was another "Category A" show there
recently that I didn't mention yesterday and which was a collectiv
assemblage called "Almost".

I wasn't always convinced by the pertinency of the works selected, judging
from the light of the curatorial statement, but most of it was really neat,
and extremely varied in style and approach. I like exhibits that show art for
every taste.

I may come back to this one.


I was at Nuit Blanche yesterday, and my goal forthe week is trying to decorticate what was art from the "Sphere Loto-Québec", from what wasn't.

Because let's face it, as a physical entity it surpassed a lot of your average balloon art (insert here the link to Christo's baloon column but I lost it..;-P...).


Cedric Caspesyan


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